2012 Event Industry Conference

2012 Australian Event Symposium
September 12 - 14, Sydney Convention Centre, Darling Harbour

Australia has a large and vibrant event industry, spanning the fields of public, corporate and business events, conferences and festivals. Australians also make their mark internationally, contributing their skills and expertise to major events around the globe.

However, with increasing regional competition, a troubled world economy, and our event tourism facing the twin challenges of distance and the high Australian dollar, we need to ensure that our events remain competitive in the international sphere. We believe that the best answers to these challenges lie in the Australian event industry’s capacity for creativity and innovation.

Thus this Symposium brings together many of the best thinkers and doers in the industry through our speakers and convenors, and the participants they attract. Additionally, those who attend the Australian Event Awards, held in conjunction with the Symposium, will witness an array of the best events, suppliers and talent that the industry has to offer.

Sydney Opera House – artwork by Superbien, image used with permission Sydney Opera HouseTrust 2012, photo by James Morgan. Federation Square – photo supplied by Federation Square, Melbourne.

We invite you to join with us in asking how we can best maintain the quality, energy and competitive edge or our events; what government can do to support and help grow the industry; and how we can ensure that our new and emerging talent is embraced and nurtured.

The Industry Think-Tank

To this end, our keynote speakers and convenors will meet with industry leaders prior to the Symposium to identify and explore its themes and issues, and to prepare a Symposium Theme Paper for distribution to participants.

Be Part of the Future

We invite you to respond to this paper through your involvement in the event’s forums and discussion sessions, and to contribute your comments and suggestions to the final Q & A Forum which will sum up the outcomes of the Symposium. We also invite you to have your say through the Vision 20 x 20 and Round Table sessions, so that we might draw on the collective mind and wisdom of the Symposium to help point the way forward.

We look forward to seeing you on September 12-14 in Sydney!